The Boy who Sat Down.

The Man sat down in the middle of the street cross-legged and smiled at the bun toasting he instantly received from the hot tar.


Dathun- A Narrative

    This piece was recently featured on the Shambhala Times, here. I am awakened by the blinding light of the sun.  What good are see-through curtains?  The powerful rays fill the room with a life-force that implores one to get out of bed.  It’s 6:30am.  I roll out of bed with the calm clarity that…

Vajrayana Seminary 2011: Individual & Social Transformation

Over 150 seminarians, staff, and local guests squeezed into the the main shrine hall at Karme Choling this month as the Kongma Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche, gave profound and practical teachings to the assembly gathered for the first ever Vajrayana Seminary at Karme Choling. This summer, Rinpoche has elucidated and emphasized several very specific themes:…