True Dharma & The Zero Commandments of Buddhism.

The dharma isn’t a rule book that says when “this” happens, do “that.” When your child throws a tantrum, say these magic words to her. When Judy at work gossips about the manager, say the following mantra.

Thankfully, this is not the case; if it were, the teachings of the Buddha would just be another thing to hold over our heads, to judge ourselves and others by, to feed our pride or shame when we did or didn’t live up to the “rules.”


Sticking to One Boat & Not Being a Spiritual Shopper

This article originally appeared on elephant journal here. Some people, even those who appreciate Buddhist teachings somewhat, and who aren’t particularly religious, ask me why it’s necessary to adopt the label of Buddhist. Why do I have to join the club and wear the hat, so to speak. Lately, I’ve been thinking that becoming a…

I’m Not the Man they Think I am at Home.

Note: This article first appeared on elephant journal here. There is a phenomenon I would like to explore that involves a person beginning and traveling a meditative or yogic path that is in complete contradistinction from the spiritual or religious position of their family and upbringing. Maybe Westerners who have become Buddhists or serious yoga…

The Dawn of Enlightenment

Note: This piece first appeared on elephant journal, here. We are all alone. In Sophie Fiennes’ wonderful documentary starring the contemporary celebrity philosopher, Slavoj Zizek, The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology, Zizek speaks of the spontaneous arising ideology that we all employ to help us manage our lives, but which instead keeps us from seeing what’s…